Friday, February 27, 2009

february 27

did a shoot of houston's sketchbook. the photos will become his website background.

february 26

boring photos of brochures and cd's for work.

february 25


february 24

i assisted on a shoot at the motion picture studio involving fans and paper flying everywhere and models with umbrellas and microphones...but i didn't take a photo.



february 23

was a day that was spring but felt like fall. i wish i could have gotten closer to those birds on the roof. they were so cute.

february 22

andy said this plant was pathetic. i'll admit it's a little sad looking, but i love it nonetheless.

Monday, February 23, 2009

february 21

did a brunch shoot for whisk magazine (a school production)

february 20

somehow i have a black hole in my brain where the 18th and 19th should be. i'm sure i'll eventually figure out where those days went and where the photos i took are. they might have been cyanotype days. they probably were...

anyways, this is a networking lunch for the byu young alumni that i got to shoot for the magazine. i got to schmooze with the business types, and i even handed out a few of my own business cards.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

february 17

february 16

climbing with the baileys; always a good way to spend a holiday.

february 15

the few times i've not accomplished the goal of taking my daily photo, i've done it consciously.
it'll be like 1 in the morning (not even technically that day anymore), and i'll be going to bed, and the guilty thought will cross my mind "i didn't take my picture today...woops." but i'll go to bed anyway.

so i guess i have no excuse.

this time i didn't have any guilty thoughts--i didn't have any thoughts at all. in fact, i didn't even realize i hadn't taken a photo until now.

after spending sunday morning fulfilling our church calling (hanging out with a bunch of 8 year-olds), andy and i spent the whole rest of our day totally absorbed in reading this book to each other. it was probably written more for 8 year-olds than 20something year-olds, but it was awesome nonetheless.
we read the entire book that day.

so that's my excuse. woops.

february 14

Friday, February 13, 2009

february 13

adriana hired me to do some portraits for her to send out with her graduation announcements.

february 12

these photos have a semi-tragic background:
i was assisting my boss on a job for lincoln's birthday.
they had a lincoln impersonator whose resemblance to the real lincoln was uncanny.
i took a portrait of him thinking "awesome, my photo for the day."
i even had a witty little caption planned out for the post. something like "happy 200th birthday lincoln, you don't look a day over 50."
later in the evening, after lincoln had left and we were cleaning up, i pulled my camera out to look at the photo.
much to my surprise, there was no card.
i had been in such a rush that i didn't even check for a card, and if there was a warning i didn't notice it.
so, no lincoln photos. i had to content myself with the ceiling and bathroom of the provo library.
oh well.

february 11

a pepper grinder hand made by andy's uncle.
i also made some failed cyanotypes that day.

february 10

sandwiches for dinner at 10pm

february 9

winter's getting old

february 8

photos from the road back from st. george, and the adorable family we saw while we were there.

february 6

fun at work...
our awesome receptionist niki, and my boss brad.

february 5

um....lettuce. clearly shows how desperate i was for a photo, any photo.

february 4

i made some cyanotypes, which i may or may not scan.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

february 3

some copy work i did for p&g of a magleby poster. i know it's kind of a copout, but whatev. it's still a photo i took today.

february 2

more cyanotypes.

february 1

a lazy sunday spent doing laundry and reading (you can see my copy of the ASMP manual amidst the blankets and pillows)

january 31

my first cyanotypes

january 30

tiny books...i did these for work, you can expect to see them in the next issue of byu mag.