Monday, May 11, 2009

in no particular order, april 1-may 11


i've been gone so long.

i've still been taking a photo most days, i just have been too busy to post. first it was finals then family in town then going out of town then getting everything ready for my website (which is mostly up.)
and not having the internet at home hasn't facilitated things either.


i'm back now. with renewed determination to post regularly.

so, instead of trying to go back and figure out which photos i took when (especially with so many cyanotypes in the mix) i'll just post a random collection of favorites.

then we'll be back to normal.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

march 30

ever wondered what i might look like with a beehive (practically) and tons of makeup?
yeah i hadn't either, but regardless, there's your answer.

my good friend and fellow photographer alisha is trying to decide whether she wants to offer large format bridal portraits, so she asked me to model for a test shoot.
she sent me off to a hair and makeup lady and that's what i ended up with; fake eyelashes and a beehive.

for someone who goes to sleep with wet hair and no intention of brushing it in the morning and barely wears any makeup, it was pretty fun.

when i got home andy said i looked like an air hostess from the sixties (reference to flight of the conchords).

however, removing the fake eyelashes and all that backcombing was not as fun.
ah the things we do for beauty.

anyway, i'll let you know when alisha posts the photos on her blog.

Monday, March 30, 2009

march 29

i spent my first day back home relaxing with andy and skipped out on shooting...

march 28

march 27

march 26